How to Change Your Diet

Eating Out to Eating In

Are you like we used to be and struggle to eat in? Not sure what to make at home, or what you might be even interested in trying, maybe you just don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen? Well you’re not alone. I was just having this conversation with my mom, as she is also trying …

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Roasted chickpea and broccoli buddha bowl

Roasted Chickpeas, Broccoli, and Quinoa Buddha Bowl

39 weeks we’re at already. Seems like just yesterday, we found out we were going to be having a baby and here we are, waiting for it to happen any day. We had an appointment on Thursday, and it sounds like she’s dropped even more. Sounds like she doesn’t think it’ll be too much longer, …

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Spicy Garlic Chickpea Spinach Pasta

Meal Prep Week 3/10

With baby fast approaching we’re trying not to do too much extra food in case we end up in the hospital for a day or two. That being said I got supplies for several meals this week including sweet potato sushi bowl, vegetarian spinach and bean enchiladas, spicy spinach pasta, and panko crusted tilapia and …

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Spinach and bean enchiladas after baking

Vegetarian Spinach and Bean Enchiladas

Been on a kick for enchiladas lately and trying out different mixtures of sauce, spices, veggies, and bean combos in them. Not sure but I’m thinking baby girl likes Mexican food. 🙂 I was looking at a recipe that used a cheese sauce and some veggie filled enchiladas, and thought I could make this with …

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Panko Crusted Tilapia
Meal Prep

Meal Prep 3/3

It’s been a rough few days. A couple sick days, a false labor scare, and not sleeping well do a number on trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That being said I have been trying to make the right decisions about eating well. So far so good – got a few dishes prepped yesterday even …

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Vegetarian Quesadilla
Dinner Lunch

Simple Vegetarian Quesadilla

When you’re at work and feeling like death, take advantage of sick time and go home to rest. I was surprised to find I was hungry being the crazy headache and nausea I was experiencing all morning (no this is definitely not the same as morning sickness)! I needed something that was easy and not …

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