It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been on to add a new recipe. I know, dropping the ball.. but being a mom is a lot more cuddles than I had thought (not that I’m complaining). No new recipe today, but I thought I’d share some pictures of my sweets and let you know how recovery is going.

Mommy life is something else. This little babe came over a month ago, and the time has FLOWN. It’s pretty nuts. My days consist of a lot of mini-naps since we don’t sleep too much at night yet, and we’ve watched almost every episode of House so far. The house is completely taken over by baby stuff, and luckily our fur baby is accepting of that.

Recovery has been something else. It’s definitely something that people don’t talk enough about. Luckily for me, labor was quick and had very minimal complications. That being said recovery still was not easy. Breast feeding helps with the weight loss, at least for me it did. This little babe doesn’t like a lot of the foods I would eat prior to delivery though. We’ve found so far that Indian food makes her SUPER gassy… almost unbelievably. We also can’t do too much broccoli yet, but hoping that will change cause momma loves broccoli. We love to be awake until 2-3 am. Definitely still have our days and nights switched around.

I am happy to say once we completed the frozen meals I prepared for about 2 weeks, I’ve been slowly getting back in the kitchen. I’ve made a quinoa enchilada bake, chana masala, chana saag, dal tadka, roasted chickpea and broccoli, tilapia with baked broccoli and asparagus, salsa pulled chicken nachos, and Jamaican jerk chicken and baked fajita veggies. Got some work to do on recipes, but we’ve been eating okay. I’ve been so hungry, and for some reason craving chicken. I’ve caved to my craving, but try to limit it to one serving a week.

So far for baby products we’ve tried lots of stuff and found a few things that work for us and several that do not. One thing I’ve struggled with is being able to put her down. Baby wearing was something I looked into and we did not hit a home run on the first try. The Moby wrap was rated high for newborns, so we gave it a shot. Our sweets absolutely hated it. We tried a few times, and it would always result in a screaming baby and mom trying to frantically get her out of it. We tried the BabyBjorn and this has been a hit. She doesn’t like to be in it long, but it works for cooking a meal or taking the dog out to run in the yard.

Another thing we’ve been trying to figure out is diapers. We’ve tried Pampers Swaddlers, Hello Bello, Honest, and Cloud Island. So far the Hello Bello diapers are our least favorite. They don’t have a good stretch around the waist so you have to get them on really tight so you don’t get a bad blowout. They also feel kind of damp on the outside if they are saturated. A good pro is they do still have an indicator, which Honest diapers do not. Honest diapers are good, only downside other than price, is the lack of indicator. Cloud Island we liked until we got a full pack that had some defects. Returned those and won’t get them again. Pampers were fine, but with my sensitive skin, I’m worried for her skin so for now we’re sticking to chemical free. 🙂

Lots of stuff going on in this house. I’ll be back with recipes in the near future, but for now check out some previous ones, and let me know if you have any requests!

-Cassie 🙂

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