Who else loves Valentine’s Day purely for the fact that you can eat lots of chocolate or other sweets with your honey and feel no judgement? If you are looking for vegan friendly sweets to serve up, look no further. I’ve got a list of six delicious options that range from healthy to typical desserts. All of which have the Valentine’s theme going on. Check out our 6 Valentine’s Day desserts below with a bonus at the end. 

6 Valentine’s Day Desserts

Vegan Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffles

1. Chocolate Chili Truffles

These sweet vegan truffles bring a bit of heat from the cayenne pepper. Chocolate chili is one of the latest trends in flavors, and I now understand why. It’s delicious! Spice up your Valentine’s day with a batch of these. Bonus, you’ll likely have leftovers for the rest of the week. 

Side shot of vegan chocolate strawberry trifles to show off layers

2. Vegan Chocolate Strawberry Trifles

These chocolate strawberry trifles are vegan and can make two or four servings. They are best when served cold, so leave some time for them to set in the fridge prior to eating. The mousse is made with fresh strawberries and tofu, and the chocolate cream is made with cashew cream and cocoa powder. 

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Valentine's Day Vegan Dessert

3. Chocolate Dipped Berries

You can’t go wrong with chocolate dipped fruit. This is just a Valentine’s day classic. This vegan friendly dessert is surprisingly easy to make and also provides some fruit in your delicious chocolate. Customize the toppings to include white chocolate, nuts, shredded coconut, or even something simple like powdered sugar.

Delicious Chocolate Nut Free Macarons

4. Nut-Free Chocolate Macarons

These pumpkin seed based chocolate macarons are safe to consume for those with nut allergies, and are a more fancy dessert idea. Surprise your loved ones or whomever you decide to share these with (if you decide to share) with a twist on a French classic treat. 

Three scoops of strawberry banana nice cream

5. Healthy Strawberry Banana Nice Cream

This is a healthier dessert for those of you who want to stick to your New Year’s resolution but not skimp on dessert. This vegan strawberry banana nice cream tastes like ice cream, but contains no added sugar and two servings of fruit!

Closeup of Vegan Smoothie Bowl with fresh raspberries

6. Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl

Finally, this mixed berry smoothie bowl is really simple and totally customizable. If you want it a bit more decadent, throw some chopped chocolate and melted peanut butter on top, or stick to healthier and use fresh fruit and some nuts. The options are endless. It’s vegan and so delicious!

How to make tiramisu cake with cocoa powder

Bonus! 7. Tiramisu

This one isn’t vegan, however it’s delicious! This safer tiramisu uses pasteurized eggs to eliminate the worry of eating raw egg. It does need to sit overnight and set in the fridge, so make sure you give yourselves enough time to put this together and let it set. But you won’t be sorry, this disappears so quick when we have it in the house. 

Hopefully this list of Valentine’s Day desserts gives you some ideas on what to make for dessert this Valentine’s Day! Whether you are looking for vegan desserts or just something scrumptious I hope we have you covered. For more ideas, head on over to our facebook page and give us a like!

Thanks for reading, and I hope all your sweet dreams come true!

-Cassie 🙂

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