I’ve been excited to start these! So here we go – the first meal prep guide I’m putting together after a trip to the grocery store and making most of it. This week on the list we have roasted broccoli and chickpeas with quinoa, spring bowls, black bean soup, aloo gobi, bhindi masala, and some fruits and veggies for snacks.

We happen to have a lot of canned goods in our storage, so some of this stuff we did not need to purchase, but I will list it out for everyone so if you would like to follow this guide you have an all inclusive list.

1 head cauliflower
3 large russet potatoes
1 pound okra

1 bag spinach
1 bundle kale
1 bundle asparagus
2 avocados or guacamole
3 large carrots
3 yellow onions
1 bunch cilantro
1 lime
1 large tomato (or a small can of diced will take the place)
baby carrots
1 bag frozen edamame

Canned Goods/Dried Goods
1 can chickpeas
4 cans black beans
4 cups vegetable broth
1 cup quinoa
Coconut water (40 oz)
Frozen Fruit (island medley 5 cups- pineapple, strawberry, mango, peach or something of that nature)

Spices/Oils/Pantry Items
Generous amount of olive oil
Balsamic Vinegar (sherry or distilled work too)
Dijon Mustard
Dill Weed
Maple Syrup
Salt and Pepper
Turmeric Powder
Coriander Cumin Powder
Amchoor Powder
Roasted Red Pepper Flakes
Garlic Minced
Ginger root/puree
Cayenne Pepper
Kasuri Methi (dried fenugreek leaves)

I bolded the ingredients for the aloo gobi and bhindi masala being I know Indian food is hit and miss for some people. If you don’t like Indian food, omit these from your shopping list. Now a lot of this we purchase in bulk from a local Asian market or Costco, so we didn’t actually have to purchase a lot of this. Typical weekly shopping trips for us only require purchasing the fresh produce, and occasionally we need to stock up on pantry staples like canned/dried beans and chickpeas, spices, oil, or quinoa.  

Now I’m working on my own versions of these recipes, but in the meantime – here are where my ideas were sparked.

Roasted broccoli and chickpea bowls – https://www.nourishedtheblog.com/roasted-broccoli-chickpea-quinoa-bowls/

Vegan Spring Bowls- http://cassclaycooking.com/vegan-spring-bowl/

Black Bean Soup – https://cookieandkate.com/2019/spicy-vegan-black-bean-soup/

Bhindi Masala – https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/bhindi-fry-recipe-punjabi-bhindi-fry/

Instant Pot Aloo Gobi – https://www.paintthekitchenred.com/instant-pot-aloo-gobi-indian-cauliflower/

Carrots and Hummus – snack
Clementines and other fruit – snack

Island Coconut Water Smoothie – (breakfast daily) http://cassclaycooking.com/island-coconut-water-smoothie/

Now to start the week I made the black bean soup, spring bowls, and roasted broccoli quinoa and chickpea bowls. In a couple of days I’ll make the bhindi masala and aloo gobi, but I hate to have so much food sitting in the fridge (plus we’re in the process of prepping freezer food for the babies arrival so less time to spend on my normal weekly meal prep).

If you need some help, have any questions or comments – let me know! I’d love to know if posts like this are helpful or if you need more information!


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